Ventilating Needles Crocheting needle

Type: Ventilating Needles Crocheting needle
Quantity: 4 pcs Ventilating Needles
Extras:  1 Brass Holder for Lace Wig Needle

Product Material : bronze

Product Quantity : 1 Brass ventilating holder + 4 pcs Ventilating Needles Crocheting needle
Size : 4 pcs ventilating needles, model 1-1 for 1 strands of hair ventilating,
1-2 for 1-2 strands of hair ventilating,
2-3 can pick up 2-3 strands of hair
and 3-4 can pick up 3-4 strands of hair
Used For 1:Can be used for lace wig, toupee, closure, make wigs together with wig cap ,
lace frontal wigs and add hair to bad spots or repair hairline.
Used For 2:Also Great for fast bead loading, string beads,
micro silicone rings, feather installation , Making crotchets etc.

Product description

Free & Fun concentrates on human hair products,
whose products are made in house. We are located in Kampala,
Uganda, with many years of dealing with hair products.
specialized in top of the line quality mannequin and hair bundles.
Any item you are interested, Please feel free to contact us anytime.

These Needle Are Most Use Din Ventilating The Middle and Front Hair Line of Wigs, Toupee, Closure Ect
Include 1 Brass Holder and 4 Pcs Ventilating Needles of Each Size

1-1 Strand Needle: Pick 1 Hair At A Time
1-2 Strands Needle: Pick 1-2 Hair At A Time
2-3 Strands Needle: Pick 2-3 Hair At A Time
3-4 Strands Needle: Pick 3-4 Hair At A Time.

The Ventilating Needles Crocheting needle come in different sizes

which helps when you want a more natural look in the front!
Most client love the needles because they help them
close up an over plucked
Brazilian and Peruvian full frontal lace wig! The horror you
face when first plucking 🙄😫 without the needle
is well dealt with.
These needles can be a life saver and the price too is amazing

Client review

I bought 2 other similar products on Jumia because I didn’t know the difference
between German and Asian needles but it seems like the are all the same.
Two of the other ones came with fancy cases and one even had little capsule
like things to store the needles in. They were very nice and really
worth the money, but I kept this one because though it didn’t c
ome in a case, they send a free gift of 3 large curved needles,
3 small curved needles, 3 large straight needles, and one straight
needle but with a 45 degree angled tip.

These are wig making needles Ventilating Needles Crocheting needles

and will come in handy when I eventually get the time to attempt
to ventilate and make a wig. These needles came in a little ziploc bag.
The ventilating needles came in individual tiny ziplocs and the
whole thing came in one big siploc. Sure a fancy case would have been
nice, but this company gave a gift that set them apart,
and for a more affordable price! I haven’t tried any of the three needles
I received but they all look the same and I expect that they would perform


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